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Weaver Road Fire

Weaver Road Fire - 6/22/21

Firefighters from the Douglas Forest Protective Association and the Tri-City Rural Fire Department responded to a grass fire Tuesday morning near the 1,500 block of Weaver Road. Crews arrived on scene of the incident shortly after 11:00 AM and quickly contained the fire. The Weaver Road Fire burned a quarter acre of grass, and no homes were threatened by the blaze.

A fire investigation indicated that the Weaver Road Fire was sparked by an individual who was cutting metal near dry grass. Under DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions, the cutting, grinding, or welding of metal is allowed before 1 PM or after 8 PM during Moderate Fire Danger if the activity is being conducted in an area free of flammable material and a charged garden hose or a 2 ½ pound or larger fire extinguisher is on site. The responsible party was cited for violation of the Public Use Restrictions and will be liable for fire suppression costs.

Under DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions, the mowing of dead or dry grass, the use of power saws for non-industrial purposes, the cutting, grinding, or welding of metal, and the use of power-driven machineryfor non-industrial improvement or development on private property is restricted based on the current fire danger.

  • Low Fire Danger: No shutdown Times

  • Moderate Fire Danger: Before 1 PM or after 8 PM

  • High Fire Danger: Before 10 AM or after 8 PM

  • Extreme Fire Danger: These activities are prohibited.

A complete list of activities restricted under DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions in addition to DFPA’s current fire danger level can be found online at or by calling DFPA’s 24-hour information line at 541-672-0379.

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