Burn Permits

Backyard Debris Burning:

Fire Season is NOT in effect.  Burn Permits from DFPA are not required on DFPA protected lands.  Residents living inside incorporated cities should contact their local fire department as burning restrictions inside city limits may vary between cities and rural areas.


During Fire Season, all outdoor debris burning requires written burn permit from either DFPA or local fire department.  Yard debris, such as brush and woody material are the only materials permitted to be burned.  Check with DEQ for a list of materials that are prohibited to burn.  During fire season, DFPA does not issue burn permits for burn barrels. 

Pasture and Field Burning:

Controlled pasture fires help Douglas County's farmers and ranchers remove unwanted brush, invasive weeds, insects, and plant disease from their lands, thereby promoting healthy and productive grazing for livestock and wildlife.

Prescribed fires also help remove excess fuel loads off of these lands, which reduces the risk of wildfires in these areas.

Logging Slash:

The burning of logging slash requires a burn permit from DFPA year around.  Any type of commercial tree harvest that requires excess debris to be burned constitutes logging slash and therefore requires a permit to burn.  To request a burn permit for logging slash, call DFPA at 651-672-6507.