• rachaelpope

Thursday Afternoon Fires

Crews from the Douglas Forest Protective Association and Douglas County Fire District #2 responded to two grass fires Thursday afternoon. At approximately 3:20 p.m., crews responded to a grass fire 6 miles west of Sutherlin, near the 7,000 block of Oakhill Road. Crews arrived on scene and located a slow moving grass fire located between a mowed hay field and Calapooya Creek. Firefighters stopped the Oak Hill Road Fire at 1/4 acre of grass and brush.

While crews were mopping up the Oak Hill Road Fire, a second grass fire was reported at 3:50 p.m., located 7 miles west of Roseburg, near the 4,000 block of Melrose Road. A crew from Seneca Jones Timber Company was passing through the area, saw the fire, and attacked the blaze. The Seneca Jones Timber crew had stopped the forward spread of the fire by the time fire crews arrived on scene. The Melrose Road Fire burned about 1/10th of an acre of grass.

Preliminary fire investigates indicated that both the Oak Hill Road Fire and the Melrose Road Fire were powerline related.

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