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Public Fire Restrictions Rescinded - Fire Season Remains in Effect

Fire officials with the Douglas Forest Protective Association and the Bureau of Land Management, Roseburg District, will remove fire restrictions for the general public on Tuesday, September 17th at 12:01 a.m., that went into effect earlier this summer to help prevent human caused wildfires. Non-industrial activities such as campfires, mowing dry grass, chainsaws and other equipment with internal combustion engines, vehicle use in wildland areas and other fire prone activities are no longer restricted. Despite the fire prevention restrictions being removed by both agencies, fire season remains in effect.

With the public fire restrictions being removed, campfires that are hand built and not associated with any debris disposal activities will be allowed on Roseburg BLM lands, in backyard fire pits, and on other private or public lands with permission from the appropriate landowner or public land management agency, where the campfire will be taking place. Residents are reminded to never leave a campfire burning unattended and to make sure that the campfire is completely extinguished before leaving the area. Campfires can be extinguished by adding water to the campfire and stirring the ashes with a shovel until there is no heat or smoke remaining.

While DFPA and Roseburg BLM fire restrictions have been removed, recreationalists are reminded that private industrial landowners may still have fire restrictions or closures in effect on their landholdings. Additional information about private industrial landowner restrictions or closures can be found online at

With fire season remaining in effect, burn permits are still required from either DFPA or a local fire department before conducting backyard debris burning. Burn permits from DFPA are only being issued for debris piles consisting of yard debris and permits for burn barrels will not be issued. State law also restricts the use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition during a state declared fire season and the use of sky lanterns is prohibited year-round in Oregon.

For more information, contact DFPA at 541-672-6507 or the Roseburg BLM at 541-579-0648.

The official signed notice lifting the BLM fire prevention order from June 26, 2019, can be found at:

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