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Lightning Update / Skyline Ridge Complex

8-2-2021 @ 3:00 PM

Crews from the Douglas Forest Protective Association, rural fire departments, and industrial cooperators continue to work on the numerous lightning related fires that ignited Sunday evening throughout the Douglas District. So far, approximately 20 fires have been located as of Monday afternoon with additional smoke reports expected in the coming days as temperatures increase. 12 of the known fires are currently staffed with boots on the ground firefighters. Additional resources are on order to assist with the remaining unstaffed fires. Four helicopters, two Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT’s), and a fixed wing recon aircraft are currently working on the various fires. Warm and dry conditions are expected over the area for the next several days before a dry cold front is forecasted to move through the area. Cold fronts passing through fire areas are watch out situations for firefighters, as they are typically associated with low relative humidity readings and strong, gusty winds.

Below is the status of DFPA’s lightning related fires:

  • Cavitt Creek Area Fires: Three fires have been located southeast of Glide in the Cavitt Creek drainage, all of which have been contained. Crews are still engaged on these fires, mopping up hot sports and improving control lines.

  • The remaining fires are in South Umpqua River corridor between Canyonville and Tiller, in addition to the Upper Cow Creek area, east of Azalea. The two largest fires in this area are the O’Shea Creek Fire and the Poole Creek Fire. The O’Shea Creek Fire is located three miles east of Canyonville and is currently estimated to be 20 acres in size. The Poole Creek Fire, located 8 miles west of Tiller, is estimated to be 10 acres in size. The remaining fires in this area range in size from a single struck tree to about two acres.

DFPA has ordered an Incident Management Team from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF IMT 1) to assist the district with suppression efforts of the fires in the South Umpqua River corridor and the Upper Cow Creek area. These fires will be referred to as the Skyline Ridge Complex. ODF IMT 1 is scheduled to meet with DFPA and cooperating agencies Monday evening for an in-briefing and is expected to take command of the fires Tuesday morning.

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