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Days Coffee Fire – Tuesday Update

***This will be the last update for the Days Coffee Fire unless there is a significant change to report***

The incident commander in charge of the Days Coffee Fire reported Tuesday afternoon that

crews are making good progress in their efforts to mop up the smoldering material inside the fire, which is now 95% contained. As of this afternoon, firefighters have mopped up all hot spots within at least the first 100 feet of containment lines and continue to push farther into the interior of the fire.

Today, 65 firefighters are assigned to the Days Coffee Fire. Overnight, two handheld infrared camera crews will be working on the fire, using the cameras to detect hot spots. As resource needs on the fire continue to decrease, crews and equipment that are no longer needed will be demobilized and made available for new fire assignments.

Completed GPS coordinates for the Days Coffee Fire put the final fire size at 170 acres. The increase in fire size is due to more accurate mapping, rather than additional fire growth.

The cause of the Days Coffee Fire remains under investigation.

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