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Days Coffee Fire – Sunday Update

The Incident Commander in charge of the Days Coffee Fire reported Sunday afternoon that crews continue to make good progress on extinguishing the fire, which is now at 90% containment. 160 firefighters continue to mop up hot spots inside the burned area, which is still the main objective for resources working on the incident. Crews have mopped up all hot spots within 100 feet of containment lines on the western half of the fire and within 50 feet of containment lines on the eastern half of the fire. Firefighters will continue to push farther into the black in the coming days, with the goal of mopping up all hot spots within the burned area.

Two engines will be assigned to the Days Coffee Fire overnight to patrol the fires perimeter. A handheld infrared camera crew will also be working on the fire overnight, using the cameras to detect hot spots. Once located, the hot spots are flagged and coordinates marked so that day shift resources can extinguish the smoldering materials.

The cause of the Days Coffee Fire remains under investigation.

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