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Days Coffee Fire – Saturday Update

Crews working on the Days Coffee Fire continue to make good progress in their efforts to fully extinguish the fire, which is now 70% contained. Today, 170 firefighters are assigned to the incident, including seven hand crews, four tenders, three engines, four fallers and a bull dozer. Tasks assigned to firefighters working on the fire today include patrolling control lines, mop up hot spots, and gridding the unburned fuels adjacent to the burned area for potential spot fires.

Crews assigned to mop up operations on the Days Coffee Fire are focusing their efforts on the first 30 to 50 feet in from the containment lines. Mopping up hot spots is the slow and tedious task of locating and extinguishing smoldering material within the burned area. Firefighters normally complete mop up tasks by utilizing hand tools to dig, scrape or chop smoldering material and then extinguish this material using hoses or backpack pumps to cool the material with water. As crews extinguish all smoking and smoldering material with the first 30 to 50 feet of containment lines, crews will push further into the black, with the goal of completely mopping up the fire.

Overnight, around 20 firefighters will be assigned to the Days Coffee Fire to patrol the fires perimeter and extinguish hot spots near control lines.

The cause of the Days Coffee Fire remains under investigation.

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