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Cooler, wet weather has allowed the Douglas Forest Protective Association to begin issuing burn permits for back yard debris burning within the Douglas District. Burn permits from DFPA are free of charge but do require an onsite inspection from a DFPA Forest Officer, before they can be issued.

Burn permits will only be issued for small debris piles consisting of yard debris. Burn permits will not be issued for burn barrels or for the burning on industrial logging slash. The burning of materials such as garbage, tires, plastic, rubber, or any other material that normally emits dense smoke and/or noxious odors are prohibited. Fire officials also remind that a burn permit does not waive the landowner’s liability if the burn escapes containment and says that the permit holder can be held liable for fire suppression costs and damages resulting from an escaped debris burn.

Before a burn permit can be issued, a fire trail must be created around the burn site, down to mineral soil. At a minimum, the permit will require individuals burning to have a shovel and a charged garden hose immediately available at the burn site. An adult must be present the entire time the burn is taking place and the burn must be completely extinguished before they leave. To request a burn permit from DFPA, call 541-672-6507 between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm.

Individuals found to be burning prohibited materials or burning without a permit may be issued a citation.

Residents who reside within incorporated cities or on lands not protected by DFPA should contact their local fire department regarding the current burning restrictions in those areas.

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